Georgian Sash Windows

High-quality Georgian Sash Windows, authentic and traditional. Made with Premium quality engineered, multi-layered pine timber offering natural durability and strength. Fully finished, beaded and double glazed with energy-efficient glass. A Georgian sash window can add a touch of class to the look of your home.

  • Georgian Sash Window on Weights
  • Fully Beaded – Double or Single Glazed ( 20 – 24mm Sealed Units )
  • Energy Saving “Thermofloat” Glass – Ug = 1,1 W/m2K
  • Certified U values Compliant to Building Regulations ( Part L )
  • Warm Edge Spacers Technology
  • Bottom and Top Sashes sliding – Traditional Weights
  • Decorative Horns to match
  • Hardwood sill ( flush-to-frame )
  • Fully finished in ANY Classic RAL colour
  • Painted in four stages: wood preservation – staining – interlayer top – final coat.
  • Full Set of Standard Ironmongery – Caldwell/Roto ( in Silver chrome/ Silver Matt / Brass )
  • Fully Draught Sealed
  • Decorative Vertical Astragal Bars

georgian sash windows


What is a Georgian sash window bar?

Georgian bars windows are set inside the sealed unit, which means that they are sandwiched in between layers of glazing. Rather than being added to the glazing, they are sealed within the Georgian bar window unit interior to achieve the traditional Georgian design.

History of Georgian Sash Windows

Sash windows in the Georgian period were the typical and popular feature. This was due to the use of the window style in so many of England’s historic buildings such as the Kensington Palace and Hampton Court. One of the most used styles of Georgian sash windows combines six panels over six panels. Part of their aesthetic comes from the wood material and sash windows still retain the classic look even when open. Georgian houses made of wood also added ornamental pediments over their sash windows. Brick built homes used a decorative brick header which was placed above the windows.

Sash windows were also functional by allowing anyone to open it a small amount for ventilation if it was raining, for example, still keeping the rain out. Sash windows lifespan is considerably longer than previous window styles. The components were contained within the box which made them resistant against moisture damage.

Because of the look and functionality, casement windows in most buildings were replaced with sash windows in the Georgian Era. The design fit with the predominant architectural style of the period as well.

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